MailerTrack Plus

MailerTrack Plus is an enhanced version of our existing MailerTrack Promotion Tracking Data that merges both offline promotion and e-commerce pricing to help monitor and compare prices across both retail scenes.

Our price comparison solution includes on product images and historical pricing up to 1 year to help you compare and optimize prices of both market and offering competitive price to maintain in this challenging retail scene

*Currently this service is available in Malaysia only.

Why Use MailerTrack Plus and its benefits?

With MailerTrack Plus, you can compare e-commerce (Lazada/Shopee) VS Offline retailers (Giant, Lotus's, Econsave, Guardian, Watsons, etc) easily, as shown below.
MailerTrack Plus
Consistent product names

Consistent Product Names

We matched and merged the same product that had been named differently by each store (offline / e-commerce)

Assorted Products

Offline advertised promotions that are advertised as Assorted are matched to each of its individual SKU.

Assorted items

Comprehensive list of retailers

We are tracking more than 400 official stores from Lazada & Shopee and up to 50 retail chains within West Malaysia and its official e-commerce site.

We track more than 400 official stores

Offline retailers with online presence

*new retailers/official stores will be added in future updates

"MailerTrack tracks Mailer, Press Ad & Digital Media promotions for key modern trade retailers."